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God Calls, We Write by guest blogger Marlene Legaspi-Munar

A week ago, I was at a curriculum writing workshop. I shared with the eager participants that writing is a calling--it is God who calls and we are the ones to write.

As in the case of others whom God calls to do great things, there are those who are not sure and even fearful. Who, me, a writer? Can I really write? Yes, God calls people who will write for Him and that person could be you reading this piece. He imparts to those He selects an interest for words, a passion for paragraphs, a desire to create and communicate, a dream to be published, a longing to influence multitudes through the written word. Along with it, He gives abilities to choose words and craft them into stories, articles or even lesson plans. 

God calls us not just to write, but to know Him, the Author of life Himself. As we write and enroll in His writing workshop, we discover a rich supply of His wisdom. He opens our eyes, gives us insight and shows us how to write.

It will not always be easy, and we need to persevere. We must be willing to rewrite for writing is a process of writing and rewriting. We must battle with pride on one side and insecurity on the other. But remember, God accompanies, enables and gives victory to those He calls. We write a story, but in the background, God writes ours. 

Are you ready to write?

Marlene Legaspi-Munar is a Filipina blogger, author and trainer. This article was first published on her blog,

Marlene's recent release,
Add Mo 'Ko As Friend: Your link to real relationships was published by OMF Lit. She is pictured above and below left in the green shirt at her booksigning. Her other blog is Happy Traveler.

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