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Praying for Visas, and Voting for MAI

Have you ever waited in passport control at a foreign airport? The agent takes your passport, studies your face against the photo, then does a computer search. The seconds tick by, and you shift uneasily on your feet. There shouldn’t be any problem, but…what if there is? Why doesn’t that agent just use his entry stamp and whack it onto your passport page?

Think about this unsettling experience when you pray for next week’s MAI-Asia Publishing Forum in Hong Kong. That is, please pray that none of the 60 registered participants from 14 Asian nations will be denied travel or entry to Hong Kong for visa reasons.

Pray especially for safe, unhindered travel for our numerous participants from restricted access nations. May they all hear the resounding whack of an entry stamp in their passports and a warm “welcome to Hong Kong”!

This November 7-11 training conference is meant to help strengthen national Christian publishing in Asia and result in more locally authored life-transforming literature. The written word is an especially powerful means of witness in those countries where public testimony is restricted.

Your vote for MAI
If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that MAI is a contender in the unique Giving of Life grant campaign for nonprofit ministries. The 50 ministries receiving the most votes will be reviewed by a selection committee. Twenty ministries will be picked to win from $2,000 to the top $50,000 grant.

You can help MAI win consideration for a grant. How? Please click this link and vote for MAI:

The voting deadline is this Friday, so please act now and help get out the vote by telling your friends.  Thank you! 

With your help, we have a good chance of finishing in the top 50. We'll let you know how the voting turns out.

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pastor Ganaa - April 18, 2012
I voted for MAI

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