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Hope for Egypt, by guest blogger Tony Wales

I facilitated an MAI writer workshop in Egypt less than three years ago. Those attending included doctors, teachers and pastors, even a veterinarian. All were Christians who wanted to grow their skills in conveying the good news of Jesus through their writing.
One pastor whom I will call ‘Melad’ traveled 14 hours by train from Upper Egypt to reach the workshop in Cairo! After the workshop, Melad felt that Egyptian parents needed a book to help them raise teens in the context of an Islamic country of increasing materialism, social unrest and poverty. He wanted to write for all those parents who need guidance and encouragement. Melad felt he couldn’t rely on books translated from western Christians, so he set out to write a book that will speak to the particular challenges of Egyptian parents.
This is the heart of what MAI does:  initiate and encourage local Christians to write in their own heart language and culture. Usually these writers live in the world’s hard places. We serve local Christian authors and publishers, helping them to grow their skills in places where they face all sorts of religious, political, social and economic hardships, sometimes exclusion, opposition and even persecution.

Since that workshop, Egypt has undergone major political changes, and it remains to be seen where these will lead. Melad’s writing will be a vital contribution to the rebuilding of that nation. Please pray for him as he completes this important book.


Guest blogger Tony Wales is a publishing consultant and former international rights director at Lion Hudson. He serves as a member of MAI's international board.

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