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The circle of life, by guest blogger Bernice Lee

“My husband asked me to thank you,” she said, slightly haltingly. I was puzzled, to say the least. Why would her husband say that when he’d not even met me before?
“He said, because you have given life back to me.” As we talked further, I discovered that he’d objected to her coming for our writers’ workshop because it had been organized by a house church leader. As a leader of a government-sanctioned church himself, he was uncomfortable about his wife being a part of house church activities. But her love for writing was so strong and had lain dormant for so long, she came, nevertheless.
Shy and diffident in speech, my new friend found her voice when she wrote. By the end of the workshop, she had written several short pieces and, together with a few of the other ladies, had decided to embark on a new enterprise — a women’s magazine that would reach countless women who needed to hear the Gospel in an engaging and non-threatening way.
I now know the emotional high that a midwife experiences when she helps to bring a new life into the world. These dear ladies published their first issue the Christmas of 2008. It’s been almost three years now and their print run has swelled from 1,000 then to the current 8,000 per issue.

Whole families have turned to the Lord as a result of reading the articles in the magazines. As each life is touched, the blessing is paid forward. My dear friend, whose writing life had been “reborn,” now brings the gift of life to others.

>>Watch a 2-minute video of the magazine editor discussing publishing in a country the censors Christianity.

Guest blogger Bernice Lee is an editor, trainer and the chair of MAI-Asia.
Photos courtesy of Kun Gim Peh.

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