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A higher dream, by guest blogger Keila Ochoa Harris

My writings were kept in a drawer. I thought there was no other place for them. Who would want to read a young, unknown Mexican writer? Then, one day, opportunity appeared. A short story competition for children was announced in a Christian magazine. My mom encouraged me. It was my chance, so I submitted a story.
To my surprise, it won third prize. I received a monetary award from MAI, although I didn’t know what MAI stood for. I soon became aware of its ministry through the friendship and encouragement of Bob Reekie and John Maust.

Later on, I went to LittWorld, the wonderful event MAI organizes in which writers, editors, designers and more people involved with the publishing ministry, from every corner of the world, come together to learn and share. England, the Philippines, Brazil. Three LittWorlds of so much learning, networking and encouragement.

Today I’m a published author. The shy teenager is now a busy mother and wife, who writes novels and non-fiction for women. And I dream of seeing more Mexican writers today.

Will you join us in this adventure of encouraging more shy teenagers who are wondering how to serve God? They probably have many hidden dreams inside a drawer. MAI, above all, encourages us to open up and dream the higher dream: serving God through the written word. 

Photo: Keila signs books after leading a workshop for writers in Mexico. 

>>WATCH a 1-minute video of Keila on why she writes fiction.

Guest blogger Keila Ochoa Harris is blogger, novelist, fiction writer and an MAI trainer.  

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