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Galloping across windswept plains, by guest blogger Owen Salter

In his small apartment in Ulaanbaatar, Pastor Dugermaa Vanluu takes out his morin khuur, the two-string horse head violin of Mongolia. Soon its ethereal notes are conjuring up images of empty snow-covered wilderness and Mongol herdsmen galloping across windswept plains. Then he moves from traditional melodies to a worship song. He’s expressing his love for Jesus using a beautiful Mongolian cultural form.
Dugermaa is also a writer and editor, and what he does with the morin khuur clasped between his knees, he also does with a pen clasped between his fingers.
Durgemaa is a pioneer of Mongolian Christian literature. Living until 20 years ago in a harshly Marxist state, he is now leading and mentoring younger Mongolian believers who are catching the vision to see literature buttress the fledgling Christian movement in their country. Growing up in what they fondly call “Europe in Asia”, these writers, editors and publishers are highly educated. So far their efforts have largely been spent on translating and publishing Western titles, but the spark has been lit for something more.

The Mongolian church, like the country as a whole, is growing fast. When I spent a week there last year conducting editor training, I was excited by the clear potential for Christian writing to address the issues of this nation racing into the 21st century. The heart-felt longing among those trying to make Mongolian Christian literature a reality also impressed me. They face many obstacles, not least the challenge of serving an adolescent church inclined to be a bit irritable as it casts around to establish its identity. However, great possibilities are ready to open up, and now is a key moment for them to receive the kind of support and encouragement that MAI supplies so effectively.

Guest blogger Owen Salter is an author, editor and MAI trainer from Australia. 
Photos by Michael Collie, SPCK Australia.

*This week MAI trainer Ramon Rocha III is leading a training workshop for Mongolian Christian publishers, plus making personal visits to six or seven publishers for one-on-one consultations.

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