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A mysterious but divine encounter

MAI ignited a flame in me and a strong sense of belief that there is a rich gold mine in Malaysia, the story of our faith told in the beautiful fabric of a multicultural society. My encounter with MAI was a divine encounter that only God could have arranged.
Disappointed by the closure of a publishing house where I worked, I buried my passion for writing. “Oh, it’s such a tough ministry; it’s meant only for the richer nations. Publishing involves so much capital. The Lord won’t blame me for not continuing this mission impossible!”
My dark clouds vanished when a mysterious call came from the U.S. and MAI. “How did they know me? Yes, I had been writing and translating for Malaysia but I never thought anybody knew me in America!” MAI’s invitations to attend the LittWorld conference in London and to write a chapter for the book, An Asian Palette, were mysterious yet thrilling.
These invitations provided a turning point in my ministry. Had it not been for MAI, how would I have answered the Lord’s question when he returned: “What have you been doing with your talent?” Me: “Er…er…I buried it considering the tough challenges in Malaysia—it’s mission impossible, you know?”
Attending the LittWorld conference in London deeply touched me. I saw how MAI has encouraged so many budding writers from poorer nations to write and publish. I realized that publishing was not an impossible enterprise for the Lord even in the most restricted nations of the world.
The Kingdom of God always begins with a mustard seed, and that is the reality of Christian publishing. Through MAI I met publishers from India, Sri Lanka, and other poorer nations that lacked resources, but who were learning to excel in their publishing craft. I gained more insight as I mingled with established writers and publishers. Excitement and thrill over my fellow Christians from other parts of the world left an indelible impact.

MAI not only invited me to the conference but they also provided an author scholarship that helped me finish a book I was writing. This act of kindness spurred me to step out in faith and commit myself to writing and publishing ministry. I was convicted that the Lord had prioritized this ministry for my life. I have never regretted taking that leap of faith, and MAI was my Barnabas in that decision!  

By guest blogger Hwee Yong Tan of Malaysia


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Top photo: Hwee Yong (right) with Bob Reekie, co-founder of MAI, and wife, Peggy Reekie.

Bottom photo: Hwee Yong sharing literature with a young boy in Asia.

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