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10 Reasons NOT to Click

Be watching for our series of guest blogs, “10 Reasons to Click,” for MAI.  We hope you’ll vote for MAI in the “Giving of Life” grant campaign.

But to help you decide, let’s first see 10 reasons NOT to click.  Do not click for MAI if you think…

1. MAI stands for “missing in action.” (We’ve never lost a trainer so far!)

2. Any translated book from the West is better than one written locally. 

3. Christian writers in developing countries aren’t mature enough to write for publication. (Yes, we have heard that said.)

4. Christian writers don’t really need training since writing is 99% inspiration and 1% perspiration.

5. People only come to faith through preaching, never through books or articles.

6. Kids most serious about God will only go to seminary instead of journalism or publishing school. 

7. Christians shouldn’t write fiction because “it’s not true.”

8. Christian publishers shouldn’t waste time on children, the poor, or people outside the church because there isn’t much market there.

9. Books are going to disappear.  (The format or medium may change, though.)

10. Your vote will buy one of MAI bookkeeper Bonnie McCullough's delicious homemade cookies. (Actually, we may need to resort to this if votes are running low!)

As I said, be watching for the real reasons to click for MAI in this space in the weeks to come.

Graphic above courtesy Rob Wood, topendsports

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