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Less is more, or more is less: You decide

Many years ago I heard a respected editor describe the state of Christian publishing. “It seems like we are saying less important things better.”

That statement stuck with me. No matter how polished the text or pleasing the design, if we don’t have something worth writing about, we might as well stop typing until we do.

Maybe today presents a different situation. Instead of saying less important things better, we are saying more things that are less important.

The sheer volume of published words in print and on the internet is astounding. Anyone with a computer and an opinion can find an audience somewhere.

This is positive, in the sense that today’s technology helps men and women publish their thoughts who, a few short years ago, may have been blocked by the relatively few gatekeepers of the publishing world.

On the negative side, the rush to “publication” in the various social media, blogs, website, newsletters and vanity publishers has sometimes led to irrelevance and inaccuracies.

But I think the best thing about today’s publishing scene is the closer connection between writer and reader. Helped by the new technologies, writers can more easily share their thoughts, and readers can respond just as easily. A kind of conversation or relationship forms between writer and reader.

MAI’s new blog is meant to create a conversation between men and women with a passion for the written word and the conviction God can use it to transform lives. Let us hear from you.

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Simon Mureu Kahoko - June 21, 2010
Hey, it would take many years to come for the writers to get all the freedom they need. There is always time to activate and continue to being effective. Simon Kahoko Mureu Freelance writer, Nairobi, Kenya
Nicholas Gray - June 2, 2010
Yes, I agree that the social media are bringing people closer and the level of engagement will greatly increase through our written ''conversations''. Best wishes with the new blog and greetings to all MAIers.

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