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Publishing for global impact

“The world is now your community,” Yale University President Richard Levin told graduating seniors last week. “Serve it well.” I would echo his appeal, but to Christian publishers and writers everywhere.

Christian communicators today have a previously unequalled potential to reach a global audience. Thanks to the Internet and new publishing technologies, publishers and authors are able to transmit their content to readers next door or across the world.

Of course, if the writer is not effective in communicating with his or her local audience, readers elsewhere won’t want the material either.

So, what’s the key to publishing for global impact? You’ll get some answers at next year’s LittWorld 2012 conference in Nairobi, Kenya. “Publishing for Global Impact” will be the theme of the triennial gathering. Speakers will address the importance of grassroots voices being heard by a global audience and ways that new technologies make this increasingly possible.

“The most authentic and powerful content at the global level will come when people are honestly and transparently writing for their local context and then offering up those ideas to the global Christian community,” MAI Board member Jon Hirst notes.

‘This idea of local context providing a platform for global significance is counterintuitive to most because our culture over the past 200 years has focused on size, reach and numbers. But simply look at the fruit stand vendor in Tunisia who communicated in the most dramatic form possible to His community the sorrow of his situation and see how that authentic message then spread.”

Christian publishers and writers: “The world is now your community; serve it well.” And come to LittWorld to find out how.

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