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A really big snowball

Twenty inches of snow fell February 2 in my hometown. A fat carpet of white stretched in all directions.

After the storm, the whir of snow blowers broke the still air, and people with shovels set to work. The snow meant “no school” for happy kids, who wasted no time romping in it.

Even our teenaged son and his friends started building an igloo behind the house. They would take a small ball of snow, roll and push it along the ground, and before long the sphere grew to boulder proportions. It didn’t take many of these snow boulders to build an igloo.

I compare the vision for MAI ministry to one of these rolling snowballs.

Since our founding in 1985, MAI has been building a grassroots global network of Christian publishing colleagues. With each training somewhere in the world, the “snowball” gets a little bigger; another 15, 20 or 50 Christian publishers and writers are introduced to the MAI network.

Some of these catch a fresh vision for the ministry of the written word in their heart language. They redouble their energies in writing and publishing, and they equip others. Consequently, the snowball of global Christian publishers and writers keeps getting bigger, heavier, more formidable.

The day may be coming when this international snowball reaches critical mass and hurtles forward on its own weight and momentum--without a nudge from MAI--demolishing barriers to readers' spiritual understanding and clearing the way for a message of Life and Truth.

Let’s make a really big snowball like this one.  “The Lord announced the word, and GREAT was the company who proclaimed it.”

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