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I never knew You left

I belong to a big church, where you don’t necessarily see everyone each Sunday. Maybe weeks or even months go by and suddenly you find yourself thinking, “Hey, I haven’t seen Joe in a long time.” You begin asking around, and someone says, “Joe and his family moved away.” Or, “Joe decided to change churches.” Or, in a worst-case scenario, “Joe passed away.”

The thing is, you never knew that Joe left. It’s a sinking feeling.

Something similar can happen to us in Christian writing and publishing. We immerse ourselves in the ministry of words, working long hours at breakneck speed, creating books and articles that serve the Church and share Christ.

It’s a worthy pursuit. But, little by little, without our realizing it, we let the work usurp our full time and attention. Time alone with God shrivels to a few hurried moments in the day or disappears altogether. This doesn’t stop the work from going forward. But somehow the Life seems sucked out of it.

“Keep all the life perennially open to Jesus Christ, don’t pretend with him,” writes Oswald Chambers in My Utmost for His Highest. “Are you drawing your life from any other source than God Himself? If you are depending on anything but Him, you will never know when He is gone.”

Now that would be a sinking realization: "Jesus left my writing and publishing ministry and I never knew it." I hope this never happens to any of us.  But if it does, or has, let's waste no time in inviting Him back in. 

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