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Just fix it

“This will solve the problem,” the technician said. He popped new heating coils into our clothes dryer, and hot air once again filled the machine. My wife, Elsa, put some wet, heavy towels into the appliance to test it out. Sure enough, they came out drier than the Peruvian desert.

It may sound like a small thing to you, but I was thrilled, almost ecstatic in fact. I had spent what seemed like days trying to get the machine to work—cleaning lint filters, climbing on the roof to clear the exhaust ducts, tinkering and experimenting. Then the ordeal ended, in a few minutes, with a visit from someone who knew what he was doing.

After the euphoria subsided, the question arose: Why hadn’t I called the technician weeks ago?

I had wasted hours vainly trying to fix the problem, running up the electricity bill as the machine took inordinate time to dry a few towels or articles of clothing. Plus, I’d carried around the daily irritation of a defective appliance, distracting my attention from more important things.

I suppose the same thing can happen in our writing and publishing. We come up against a problem that we cannot fix ourselves, but we keep banging away while the frustration mounts. Do you face something like that now?

Maybe you’ve hit an impasse in the plot development of your novel, or you’re struggling to launch a blog or build a website. Perhaps you can’t make sense of the basic financial documents for running a publishing house, or you’ve totally run out of marketing ideas for your new titles.

My advice is: Don’t lug your problem into the New Year. Put pride or fear aside, and prayerfully seek someone who can help. The solution to your problem could be a phone call or email away. Just fix it.

Please feel free to contact MAI if you’re looking for someone to help with a question or problem in your publishing ministry. Just don’t ask me to fix your washer or dryer!

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Eva Kristiaman - January 13, 2011
So true! :) I do, I always contact MAI, my faithful friend in my publishing ministry whenever I need a help... Many thanks for your kind help at any time I need it. God bless!

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