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You Are a World-Changer

Jane came up after my MAI presentation in her church. She seemed to be hunting for words. “I’m so glad to have been here this morning,” Jane began, “because now I see that I’m part of something much bigger than this church, than this town.”

A monthly donor to MAI, Jane saw the video clips and heard the reports about MAI training in China, Africa and the Middle East. And suddenly she felt part of it all. Living in the rural heartland, Jane was helping to publish Good News in the world’s hard places through her gifts and prayers.

You may also support MAI or some other Christian group. What has been your experience? Do you feel a part, or a bit distant?

Maybe you write a check or make an online donation, get a receipt, and then wait until the next month to do it all over again. You don’t physically see or touch the people whose lives are being impacted by the Gospel, and sometimes you feel more like a check-writer than a world-changer.

I want you to know that, regardless of your feelings, your prayerful support of MAI does make a difference. You are indeed a world-changer, an “ambassador of reconciliation,” Paul would say.

Through our website and newsletters, MAI strives to help you see, hear, taste and touch the training ministry you support in the various world regions. We want you to experience, albeit vicariously, what this work is all about, and to see how lives are being changed for Christ through your partnership.

You may not buy a plane ticket, but you are “with us” in equipping Christian publishers, editors and writers in places like Mongolia, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and Serbia.

The job takes all of us: “The Lord pronounced the word, and great was the company of those who proclaimed it.”

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