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Fire proof

By Michael Collie, guest blogger.

Confronting an impossible dilemma, a Christian leader in China told me that he is ‘finding Daniel more helpful than Paul’. That got me reading.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego took a risk and ended up in the fire (Daniel 3). God showed up. We recognise him immediately. God did not extinguish the flames. He did not pluck them from the furnace. The God who chooses to live among men dwelt with the three friends in the midst of the flames. This is Immanuel: God is with us.

Instead of hurling the offending dish of food in the face of his Babylonian guard, Daniel proposed a dietary test (Daniel 1). By doing so he initiated a friendship. He opened a space in which God could act. Daniel took a risk and made God the protagonist.

Publishing is a risky business. Publishing Christian books in difficult places is an adventure. Just as the faithful fell in and out of favour in the Babylonian court so also the fortunes of pioneering Christian publishers are subject to volatile economies and hostile politics. They persevere because they reckon on God being with them.

Can they also count on your encouragement? Together we can make a difference. Let’s invest in strategic literature ministries and watch God use the written word to grow his kingdom. Where there is risk in our endeavours for God, we do not act alone.

Michael Collie is national director of SPCK Australia. He recently led a training for designers in Mongolia for MAI. View a photo slideshow.

Photo above: Michael Collie (left), helps participants learn how to use design software.

This article first appeard in the Spring 2010 newsletter of SPCK Australia.


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