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When the foundations are being destroyed

“When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” David’s words in Psalm 11 sound like a companion piece to Foreign Policy magazine’s “Failed States Index 2010.”

Each year the magazine analyzes 177 countries and rates them on 12 categories of state decay including: demographic pressures, human rights, delegitimization of the state, uneven development and refugees. How a country scores in these categories determines how stable, or unstable, it is.

Somalia again heads the Foreign Policy list of the world’s most vulnerable nations, followed by four other African countries: Chad, Sudan, Zimbabwe and D.R. Congo.

In our training of Christian publishers and writers, MAI gives priority to “hard countries.” We’ve done no recent on-site training in the world’s top five “failed states,” but men and women from some of those countries have attended our workshops.

For instance, eight men and women from Chad traveled overland to Cameroon for an MAI training there. They told stories of rebel insurgencies, religious oppression and grinding poverty back home. When I caught malaria at that workshop, a friend from Chad shrugged, “I caught malaria all the time as a boy, because my parents couldn’t afford mosquito netting.”

A pastor from eastern Congo told MAI this week about the daily killings in his hometown of Butembo, a place without rule of law. The perpetrators include military, political leaders, police, rebels and street criminals who are motivated by greed, power and revenge.

The pastor took refuge in the US after repeated death threats before he was scheduled to testify in court against the murderers of his brother. Benjamin has literally redeemed the time in the US by writing a book, “God, Where Are You,” giving a Christian response to suffering. The book is due out next year.

“One thing I have learned is that God offers victory to the Christian even before the crisis or problem is over,” Benjamin said, speaking from the middle of his.

May God help us to come alongside brothers and sisters in the world’s hard places, its failed states, and help them restore and strengthen their nations and proclaim a message of Life and hope. When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the Christian writers and publishers do?

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Tomas Dittrich - July 23, 2010
What a challenge! Thank you from Prague, Europe. Thomas

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