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"Just scraping the tip of the iceberg"

“Usually I have to go to the churches—this time the church came to me!” said Bernice Lee of Singapore in a recent meeting at MAI with the Missions Committee of the Western Springs (IL) Baptist Church.

Bernice and Wambura Kimunyu of Kenya had traveled to Chicago for MAI’s annual Board meetings, and they stayed afterwards to share with the Western Springs group.

Bernice, the chair of MAI-Asia, and Wambura, chair of MAI-Africa, shared updates on MAI training in their respective regions and answered the visitors’ questions about the ministry and future of global Christian publishing.

“The needs for training of Asian Christian publishers and writers are so great, we are just scraping the tip of the iceberg,” Bernice noted. Challenges include opposition to Christianity in certain countries and the oral tradition in others

“I am praying that Christians catch a vision for the power of writing because it can travel so much farther,” Bernice said.

Wambura (photo, second from left) partners with MAI out of her desire to give African Christians quality Christian literature in their own language and cultural context. She wants to help gifted African writers and editors become a voice of truth in their own countries and beyond.

“What I would most like to see is Africans speaking not only in their own country but also contributing to the global conversation,” she said.

In his comments, President John Maust compared MAI ministry to Jesus’ parable of the mustard seed in Mark 4:30-32. Though MAI training may start on a small mustard-seed scale, God is using it to expand the sphere of influence of Christian literature around the world, he said.

While recognizing that Asia and Africa are two of the most challenging environments for Christian publishing, Bernice and Wambura voiced optimism for the future for the ministry of the written word in their regions. “With MAI, we are focused on life transformation,” Bernice said.

--Nicole Consoli, MAI staff intern

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