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Seeing clearly in Bulgaria

I first met Svetlana at a magazine publishing workshop in southern Poland. It was the early 1990s, soon after the fall of Communism. Stale tobacco smoke formed a haze in common areas of the hotel where we met. But Svetlana, an editor from Bulgaria, had a very clear vision of what she wanted to do.

Svetlana and the team of Mission Possible Bulgaria would start a youth magazine called Friends, followed by a second Christian magazine for women, Leah (c
over photo at right). “Bulgarian women feel sort of second class, more like Leah than Rachel,” one of the staff explained about the magazine name.

MAI helped Mission Possible equip writers for the magazines. Svetlana and colleagues Daniela and Bori started running a Christian writers club and occasional workshops on their own in 2006. The organization also published some books, manuals and other resources.

Recently Mission Possible requested our training assistance again—this time to equip editors and authors for their new line of women’s books called “Leah Library.” Thirteen women participated in the training workshop in June.

MAI trainer Marion Stroud called it the most productive training workshop in which she has had a part. The first three titles for Leah Library were shaped and scheduled for publication within the next 18 months. “This was just the right training to receive encouragement and practical advice to start the first series of books by Christian writers in Bulgaria,” Svetlana.

It’s been quite a run since that conference in the smoke-filled hotel in Poland. Now Svetlana is not only attending MAI trainings, she is serving as an MAI trainer. She and a colleague have agreed to lead a planned MAI writer workshop in a sensitive country of Eurasia. Please pray that things come together for this training, and that the Christian publishing successes in Bulgaria will be abundantly replicated there.

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Nadia Ianakieva - August 18, 2014
I am truly sorry I was not able to attend the workshop this year. I heard wonderful things talking to Svetlana. Everybody is truly grateful for MAI''s help. Thank you Marion, Alice, Svetlana and MP for your hard work in training and encouraging Christian writers. We appreciate your help very much.Blessings! Nadia Ianakieva
Svetlana Karoleva - August 18, 2014
Thank you, John. Thank God for MAI and their faithful support and encouragement throughout the years.

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