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Brazilian publisher scores goal

Though Brazil’s football team suffered a surprising loss at the World Cup, one of the nation's top Christian publishers has scored a winning goal. Editora Mundo Cristão (Christian World Publishers) will release a Portuguese-language edition of Philip Yancey’s forthcoming new book before the English edition.

Para Que Serve Deus ( will be released in September, followed by FaithWords’ What Good is God? in October.

“I suggested the idea to Philip five years ago,” said Mundo Cristão CEO Mark Carpenter. “When Philip signed an agreement with FaithWords for the new title due out in October 2010, he contacted me to see if we were interested in following through with the idea. Of course, we jumped on it.”

This development highlights Yancey’s international following as an author. It also points to the
entrepreneurial spirit at Mundo Cristão, where sales are growing at about 60% per year during this lean time for many other publishers around the world.

In August Mundo Cristão will release a book that Mark considers one of the most significant in Mundo Cristão’s history--the biography of Brazilian presidential candidate Marina Silva, an unabashed Christian and renowned environmentalist now running third in the polls in the lead-up to the October 3 presidential elections.

God is opening new doors and avenues for the sale of Christian books in Brazil, and Mark and his team are thankful to play a leading part in all this.

Besides being a skilled publisher, Mark has been my boss for the past six years as chair of MAI's international Board of Directors. His professional skills and Godly wisdom benefitted me and MAI immensely. Mark rotated off our Board last month, and he is succeeded by equally gifted publisher, Greg Thornton, of Moody Publishers.

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