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Global company of writers keeps on growing

We never know how far our words will go, wrote Nigerian journalist Festus Ndukwe on the LittWorld Online blog. Case in point: Just this morning author Pearl Griffith in Trinidad and Tobago read Festus’s article and sent these thoughts to MAI:

I awoke this morning May 23rd at 3 a.m. to read my Bible and pray. In Ezekiel 9 (NIV), in three places I read the phrase, “the man clothed in linen who had a writing kit at his side.” I also read Psalm 68:11: “The Lord gave the word, and great was the company of them that published it.”

I pondered these verses for a while in prayer. Then God led me to open a link I received yesterday in an email from Media Associates International. That link titled, "How far will our words go?" went deep into the recesses of my spirit, breaking up fallow ground and sowing new seeds of understanding in me. My heart bore witness first of all that I am that man in the book of Ezekiel “with the writing kit at my side,” and I am also the one to whom the Lord has given a word to publish.

This is exactly why I write: Because the Lord gave the word! And this is exactly why I proclaim it: Because I am a part of that great company of them that publish it!

I am grateful to God this morning for the following:
• The leading of His Spirit to read and pray;
• The author/editor Festus Ndukwe of Nigeria for his inspiring testimony and great article;
• To MAI for publishing it;
• To you with whom I share it;
• And, especially to those of you who will read and accept the responsibility to share it with others. God bless you.

Be blessed,

Pearl D. Griffith, Trinidad and Tobago

I’m thankful for Festus, Pearl and so many others in the “great company” of Christian publishers and writers around the world. May our numbers grow!

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