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New Skills, New Books, New Life

"Your books and blogs move me," a reader told author and MAI trainer Grace Chong. "Your writings give me reason to look at life from a different perspective. You are an inspiration, a real grace from heaven."

Authors like Grace (pictured right) know all about the power of the written word. They see it in the changed lives of their readers. (Like our story by Indian author and publisher George Koshy.)

We equip local publishers and writers in the conviction that God uses the written word to transform lives. People are being strengthened spiritually and coming to faith in Christ through materials you help create by supporting MAI. Your partnership is also giving valuable skills to Christian publishers and writers, and birthing new books and even publishing houses.

"I attended a MAI conference some years back in Chiang Mai," Jenni Ho-Huan of Singapore wrote. "Since then, I have published two books, began work on a third and now blog regularly. Thank you for the big part MAI played to help me along."

Since 2010, MAI has trained and encouraged the Ugandan Faith Writers Association (UFWA)
. Now the writer group is prepared to launch a new publishing house. "We definitely would not be where we are without MAI’s constant encouragement," said Lillian Tindyebwa of UFWA.

Since our founding in 1985, MAI has conducted trainings in 74 countries attended by 7,900 people. Much work remains to be
done in places where quality, locally authored Christian content remains scarce. Thank you for helping us to put life-transforming Christian materials into the hands and hearts of hungry readers.

Photo: Viola Mukassa, editor for UFWA; courtesy of Eric Gitonga

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