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Looking for Heroes? Try Christian Publishing

I’ll never forget Frances Fuller’s riveting talk at LittWorld in England some 20 years ago. She told what it’s like to lead a Christian publishing house—Baptist Publications in Lebanon—during a time of war.

Shellings, fuel shortages and shooting made life a challenge. Some wanted Frances and her family to leave because of the dangers. But what would happen to the Christian publishing then?

One day Frances came under conviction reading Proverbs 20:13: “The sluggard says, ‘There is a lion outside!’ or, ‘I will be murdered in the streets.’” It occurred to her that’s exactly what Satan would want—that she and her team hunker down and do nothing because of real and imagined dangers in the streets.

No, with God’s help and protection, the work must go on. Frances required that staff take home two weeks of work each day, just in case they could not make it back to the office the following day(s). And the publishing went forward, planting seeds of life in a context of death.

Frances (photo above) became one of my “publishing heroes.” I say, one, because there are other heroes in Christian publishing today. 

--Andrey (right photo), a Christian publisher in Ukraine, took medicines and fire extinguishers to aid the demonstrators in Kiev during the height of the recent deadly protests. (See his excellent revolution photos on Facebook)

--Anatole, a church leader and writer in Central Africa Republic, sends daily reports documenting the atrocities in his country and calling Christians everywhere to pray.

--A Christian publisher in Beijing remains under house arrest due to his leadership in an unregistered church, but continues the publishing work from his computer. 

--Bishop Joseph in South Sudan stayed with his flock during the recent outbreak of fighting and went forward with plans to start a Christian publishing house.

All these must surely identify with the Psalmist who said, “Too long have I lived among those who hate peace." Yet, instead of shutting down, they ramp up their faith, courage and creativity another notch, and continue serving God and their readers at personal risk and cost.

In just about every hot spot around the world, you will find heroic men and women who are writing and publishing words of hope in Christ. Thank God for them. Pray for their protection. And ask God for open doors and hearts for their message.

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