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Feeling "kindled"

A Christian publisher from mainland China and his interpreter visited MAI last month. As the publisher described his ministry, his eyes practically shot sparks.

“He’s kindled,” the interpreter said of his publisher friend.

“He is burning, fired up,” the friend explained, seeing my quizzical look.

I too am “kindled” about the work MAI is doing. In God’s grace, last year’s accomplishments included:

--our first writer workshop in the closed country of Laos
--progress toward starting a publishing house in conflicted South Sudan
--Equipping 27 writers in Chile, 47 in Ethiopia, 20 in the Middle East, 12 in Uganda
--On-site publisher training in Indonesia, China, Nigeria, Mexico, Romania and Ghana
--Equipping 22 Asian trainers from 13 countries and 11 African trainers from 7 countries.

This and more was done on a budget of $450,000, as we sought to be good stewards and maximize our partners’ gifts.

As I write, an MAI trainer is giving one-on-one training to a publisher in Mexico. Next month we’ll send a trainer to equip Christian writers in Fiji. (Wouldn’t you like that assignment?) Then comes publisher and writer training in Côte d’Ivoire and Benin. Every month an MAI training will take place somewhere in the world.

MAI is the only international ministry devoted to the on-site training and encouragement of global Christian publishers, editors and writers. We have the privilege of partnering with courageous colleagues in hard places whose readers hunger for the hope and meaning found only in Christ.

Will you join us in advancing the Gospel through publishing with your gifts and prayers? May God richly bless your life and walk with him in this New Year.

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