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Putting Your "Jesus Fund" to Work

"December is a dangerous time for that dollar bill in your pocket," writes author Mesu Andrews.  She goes on to say....

You gotta love the little bells ringing in the doorway of every retailer and the bajillion pieces of mail stuffing your mailbox with last-minute pleas.

It’s that end-of-the-year rush for nonprofits to meet their budgets and for private citizens to round out their tax benefits for charitable giving. All-in-all a blessed time to give and received, right?

Hubby Roy and I set our offerings aside in what we call a “Jesus Fund”—money we want to share with folks over and above the tithe to our local church. After my husband’s 14 years of pastoral ministry and his 6 years as a Bible college professor, you can imagine the gigantic number of friends, missionaries and students we would love to bless through our Jesus Fund.

We’ve discovered a heart-rending fact, however: Though our Savior is infinite, our Jesus Fund is utterly finite.

The Lord faithfully replenishes the funds when needs arise, but like the rest of you, we must choose carefully with whom we share it and how much we give.

With one particular ministry we’ve felt a clear calling to give since the early days of our pastoral ministry—and that partnership has grown stronger since the Lord opened doors for me in the publishing world.

We first met John Maust, president of Media Associates International, when we stayed with his parents while candidating for our first ministry position in Nappanee, Indiana. We loved his folks and grew to love John and his family as well. We saw the global impact of MAI and the benefit of training Christian writers to share Jesus throughout the world.

In the years that followed I watched John travel to Europe, Asia, Africa and South America—parts of the world others would deem to dangerous. Not John. With joy and quiet confidence, he teaches all who come to learn.

If you find yourself at the end of the year with a dollar bill burning a hole in your pocket, I’m sure MAI would put it to good use. God is in the writing business. Fiction. Non-fiction. Books. Periodicals. Cards. Letters. Journals. Blogs. I’m so thankful for qualified, passionate, willing leaders like the folks at MAI.

--See the full version of author Mesu Andrews's blog post.  Mesu’s biblical novels include Love Amid the Ashes, Love’s Sacred Song and Love in a Broken Vessel.

Your year-end gift to MAI will help create locally authored Christian literature for readers in hard places of the world.

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