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Bringing Africa to the table of global Christian conversation

What comes to your mind when you think of Africa and the African church?  For those of us in the West,  there’s a good chance our impressions have been formed by writings that are NOT African.  

We’ve read a book or articles by Western writers that capture certain aspects of the African church and society, but we’ve not been exposed to the full range of views and realities as told by African voices themselves.   

So, we fall prey to the “danger of the single story,” as one Nigerian writer has put it, and false stereotypes are the inevitable result. 

This one-sided conversation will soon change if MAI’s newly formed African Board has anything to do about it.  

Formed less than a year ago, the MAI-Africa Trustees are moving quickly to nurture African Christian publishers, editors and writers with three priorities in mind,  chair Wambura Kimunyu of Kenya says. 

 “We want to grow the African church in number and in depth. We want to impact society.  And we want to add the African voice to the global Christian conversation. 

“The global church is lacking if the African church is not heard.  God has placed something special in the African church that needs to be shared.” 

This week MAI-Africa is holding a “train-the-trainer” workshop in Nairobi, Kenya, for 11 invited publishing staff and writers from across the continent.  These and other gifted, volunteer trainers will be deployed to equip African men and women with a passion and commitment for serving Christ through the written word.   

MAI-Africa will seek to fund its African training program with resources from Africa itself.  “We want to put our money where our mouth is,” Wambura told the trainer workshop group, emphasizing good stewardship. We want to work every shilling so hard that it practically drops dead.” 

With God’s help, the “single story” will soon give way to a multitude of stories rising from the hearts and soil of God’s people in Africa.





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