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The people read it and were glad

What’s the best news you’ve ever read or received?

Can you remember a time when you read something, and the news was so good you couldn’t believe it? Maybe you read, and reread, those words just to make sure it was true.

Have you ever received a letter with a message so precious that you saved it? In hard or discouraging times, would you sometimes pull out the letter and soak in its words for a fresh sense of hope and the courage to go on?

Have you ever read something and suddenly realized that from this time forward your life would never be the same?

Have you ever read a book, an article, a blog and felt like it was God Himself speaking to you—that the message was meant for you right then, right there, and expressed in that way?

I’ve been thinking about this since reading a passage in the book of Acts where church leaders in Jerusalem rules on a dispute between Jewish and Gentile believers and sent their decision in a letter to the Church in Antioch.

“The people read it and were glad for its encouraging message,” Scripture says.

It’s a rare gift to read something and be glad for its encouraging message.

MAI is working with Christian publishers and writers in places of the world where people languish for a word of encouragement or hope and where a clear presentation of the best Good News of all is hard to find. These are places where, humanly speaking, people have little to look forward to except more hunger, more injustice, more bloodshed, and more spiritual emptiness.

I thank God for the courageous and visionary men and women serving on the “front lines” of Christian publishing in hard places of Asia, Africa, Latin America, East/Central Europe and the Middle East. May our God of peace and hope continue to inspire their efforts. And may the people read their work and be glad for its encouraging message.

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