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A Woman of Vision

“A lot of people have vision when they have money,” Joanna Ilboudo once told me. “When they don’t have money, they don’t have vision.”

I met her 20 years ago at our LittWorld conference. The high-school French teacher from West Africa had just launched Contact magazine.  She and her husband, Florent, spent their life savings to launch it.                                                                        

Beneath Joanna’s quiet exterior burned a passion for publishing and serving her nation.  We helped encourage and equip her, and witnessed Joanna successfully persevere in publishing her magazine amid the heat and dust of Burkina Faso, one of the world’s poorest nations. 
From the magazine, Joanna developed the ministry to widows and orphans, ACTS.  In 2008 the president of Burkina Faso awarded her a medal for her meritorious service to the nation’s poor.

Joanna remains eager to see more locally authored Christian books and articles.  “Please pray for me,” she asked. “I am refocusing on my first call: the production of Christian literature in Burkina Faso. “

A book on leadership for Christian women (a big need in Africa) is budding. Seventeen female writers will contribute articles to the book under Joanna’s tutelage. 

We are privileged to accompany gifted friends like Joanna on their journey to becoming skilled Christian communicators and leaders.  Your support for MAI is making a strategic investment in men and women impacting their nations through the written word. 

Photo above by Eric Gitonga

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