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How to Get Published

About every week someone asks MAI for tips on getting their book published. So, we offer the following short article with seven practical steps for starting the journey.

Editor and agent Alice Crider shared most of the ideas, and MAI staff intern Meaghan Zang put the article together. Be sure to click the links for more indepth information on the various topics. Some information will apply primarily to US writers, but we trust there’s something here for everyone.

1. Write a book proposal.
• A proposal’s form may vary depending on the genre. This blog post gives an introduction as well as links to other resources.
• Alice Crider offers downloadable tutorials on publishing. 

2. Attend a writers’ conference or two and make connections with writers, editors, and agents. While you’re there, take workshops to learn all you can.
• The Shaw Guide provides a detailed list of writers’ conferences.
• There are hundreds of writers’ conferences across the world, each with a different audience, niche, and connections. Be sure that the conference you attend fits your requirements for price, distance, and professional goals. The biggest, most prestigious conferences may not be the best fit for you. 

3. Build your platform.
• A platform refers to all of the activities you engage in that make people notice you and your work. Building your platform could include social media or blogging, speaking engagements, or teaching -- anything that markets you as an author.
• Michael Hyatt’s book provides an informative, step-by-step guide to build your platform. 

4. Decide if you’re going to self-publish or look for a traditional publisher.
• This short ebook from literary agent Rachelle Gardner gives pros and cons of each option. 

5. If you want traditional publishing, find an agent.
• Editor Chuck Sambuchino releases a yearly Guide to Literary Agents 
• Listen to an interview between Michael Hyatt and Rachelle Gardner on new writers and finding an agent. 

6. If you’re going to self-publish, research self-publishing companies before ever paying anyone to publish your book.
• There are several different varieties of self-publishing, from eBooks to print books. Each type of self-publishing requires different amounts of up-front cash and effort on the part of the author.
• This article lays out the process for self-publishing a print book. 

7. Plan on a marathon, not a sprint!
• Lacking inspiration for the long haul? Check out Alice Crider’s collection of quotations on writing and the life of a writer.

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