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We need your prayer support now more than ever

The host publisher canceled our training workshop last week in Bangladesh. Bloody political violence made it too dangerous for people to meet.

Disappointed but undeterred, MAI’s trainer quickly changed his flights—going to Laos instead, where he met with local leaders wanting to raise up Christian writers.

En route to Laos, the trainer stopped to meet with Christian publishers in Turkey. Then, after Laos, he made plans to provide consulting help for a cutting-edge publisher in mainland China.

Bangladesh. Laos. Turkey. China. God is leading MAI into some very hard places for Christian publishing and witness. We are excited by these new opportunities. But we need your prayer support now more than ever.

In April and May alone, our trainers will equip Christian publishing staff and writers in such challenging places as Chile, Uganda, South Sudan and the Middle East. Each training needs prayer for lasting fruit.

To facilitate your prayer support, please see our new daily prayer guide. I hope you will use it to pray consistently and specifically for upcoming MAI training projects and the people involved.

We look forward to keeping you posted on God’s answers to prayer for MAI efforts to develop life-changing Christian literature in the world’s hard places. If you would like additional information about any of the prayer requests in the guide, please let me know.

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