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"LittWorld taught me to think big"

At the end of last week’s LittWorld conference in Singapore, a Lebanese publisher approached me at breakfast. “I’ve been to many conferences in my life,” she said, “but this was by far the best that I ever attended.”

God truly answered your prayers for LittWorld 2015--the biggest (and some have said the best) so far with 278 Christian publishers, editors, writers and designers from 50 countries.

We thank Him for: 1) for good health and travel safety for all; 2) the high quality of presentations by our speakers and workshop leaders; 3) the meaningful devotionals, worship and spiritual dynamic; 4) the spirit of unity and “good chemistry” among the participants from so many cultures and countries; and 5) participants’ zeal to implement what they learned at the conference.

“LittWorld taught me to think big,” said a reinvigorated editor from a country where Christian publishing is especially difficult.

“I learned a lot in the general sessions, workshops and one-to-one conversations,” said a writer from Ethiopia. “I am highly motivated to write and haven’t stopped writing since the conference.”

As MAI-Africa Chair Wambura Kimunyu said in the closing devotional at LittWorld, now the real work begins, as everyone descends from their LittWorld mountaintop experience into the valley of hard work and daunting challenges.

Please pray that participants quickly implement new skills and ideas gained at the conference, and that they will go forward in creating excellent Christian books and articles for readers in their nations.

Also, please pray for the staff and me as we follow up the various participants and sort through the conference-ending finances. (Full or partial conference assistance was provided to 65 scholarship recipients and 24 resource leaders.) We’re grateful for your continued prayers and support for MAI training ministry worldwide.

As with any conference, there were a few glitches and things we might have done differently. But we enthusiastically celebrate what was certainly a successful LittWorld 2015 and thank God for what He has done in answer to your prayers!

If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to visit the Media Associates International Facebook page to see numerous photos and videos of what took place in Singapore.  (Above photo by Andrey Kravchenko)


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