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Giving Readers Hope in Congo

"Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed..." In wartorn eastern Congo, Etienne Mbusa dreamed of launching a Christian magazine.  He shared his vision at the LittWorld 2009 conference in Kenya. "Our new magazine will focus on how to live, forgive, forget the past and start a new life in a Christian way," he said.

We encouraged him and helped raise a bit of funding for the first issue. The Anglican minister took steps forward—without staff, without prior publishing experience, surrounded by violence…against all hope. 

Five years passed with little or no word from Pastor Mbusa. Given the context, was he even alive?

Last October an email suddenly appeared  from Pastor Mbusa with an attached PDF of the first issue of Espoir (French, for Hope) magazine. Delighted, I immediately wrote Pastor Mbusa to congratulate him.

He thanked me, but cast light on the challenges in eastern Congo. "Ugandan rebels [in our area] are killing everyone they come across," he said. "Each day we bury our brothers and sisters. We spend nights in great fear. At this moment, we are fasting to ask God to stop the situation. Please tell our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world to join us in prayer."

Two weeks later, the immediate danger subsided and Pastor Mbusa resumed planning the next two issues. He needs $2,632 to cover the barebones cost of producing them.*

"Readers are longing for the second issue," he said. 

Pray for Pastor Mbusa. Against all hope, he is giving his embattled readers the greatest gift of all—hope, rooted in a loving God.  

To support “Hope” magazine, donate on our website.

Photo above by Eric Gitonga: Pastor Etienne Mbusa with author Robin Jones Gunn at LittWorld 2009.

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