India: The Answer Was Blowing in the Wind

Thomas wondered how to end his miserable life...

Fiji: Islanders Inspired to Write

If you were stranded on a desert island, what one book would you want besides the Bible?

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Middle East: Publishing in a War Zone

Frances Fuller tells her remarkable story of leading a publishing house during the Lebanese Civil War

Focus on Europe

Wordsmiths sharpen tools in Romania

LittWorld 2015

Singapore Chosen as Venue for Global Publishing Event

I love MAI’s ministry partners. They are the men and women who faithfully give and pray for our work around the world. Last year MAI led trainings ...

Partner Profiles: Meet Jana Gillham

India: True story by author George Koshy

Fiji: Islanders Inspired to Write

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LittWorld 2015 in Singapore!

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Balázs Zágoni

A 2-minute greeting from MAI President John Maust